Your Business Challenge
BAFI (Business Angels Finance International LLP) are specialists in raising the right finance for your business.

Your Business Challenge

The growth of your business, or change means that you have outgrown your current financing arrangements, which is causing cash stress. You may well find your  current lenders’ attitudes hardening and have concerns about how you are going to make you current finances work for you and what you are planning to do with your business.

How BAFI Helps You

By understanding your business model, we can recommend immediate management and operational changes, which deliver rapid wins in improved cash management, cash forecasts and better relationships with current lenders. With the creation of a BAFI Finance Route Map, alternative funders can be engaged, who better understand your business, your issues, your people and, of course, the numbers.
“BAFI created a Financing Road Map, which mirrored my business strategy.  They helped me understand the finance environment I was in and how to better manage existing lenders.

They provided alternative types of finance and importantly guided me through the management process of change”

B2B supplier to all national supermarket chains.

The Benefit to Your Business

You will have an improved operating and organisation structure that supports you to meet you goals, coupled with an evolving financing package that works for you and your business not just now, but also as you move forward.

Your Financing Route Map

We work with you to propose and agree with you the basic principles of the financing route map for your business. Working with your Directors, we will always pay attention to your aspirations and concerns about the appropriateness of equity or debt solutions for your business. Our innovative approach typically sees a solution evolve for you, where we seek to progressively replace expensive debt with cheaper options. You end up with more control over the finances of the business and more financial capacity to achieve your goals.


BAFI (Business Angels Finance International LLP) specialises in the raising of finance for SME’s.

What you should know about BAFI:

  • Our entire focus is on understanding your business model using the experienced business people in our team, giving you practical and sustainable financial structures that work.
  • We are experienced in equity & debt finance, ranging typically, but not exclusively, from £500,000 to £5m.

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